Dec 22, 2006


A few pics of HCMC around the Chritmas season -- most of the hotels and shopping centers have done a good job in creating that festive atmosphere. For me, it'll never be Christmas here -- it's not cold enough.

The Caravelle

Picture 075

The Sheraton

Picture 082


Picture 073

Dong Khoi Street

Picture 077

Picture 081

Picture 080

In Cong Vien Van Hoa Park, a traditional Christmas scene has been erected -- very popular with kids and their parents to stop on the way past and snap some pics for the family album.

Picture 086

However, I am slightly concerned that these kids will grow up confused. They may come away thinking that Santa's slay was pulled by vicious dogs, that panda bears accompanied Santa on his magical journey, and that the guitar is a festive instrument.

Picture 093


Anonymous said...

That sleigh scene made my day. Thanks for posting the pictures of HCMC Christmas for everyone to see that Vietnamese take this holiday very seriously, with design sense to put up very evocative displays. Dong Khoi Street looks great.
-- Mel

Anonymous said...

Hanoi seems a bit weak in comparison for Xmas decorations... will try & find some Xmas spirit!

Anonymous said...

Lol - I did a double-take when I saw the panda bear driving a sleigh pulled by what looked like rabid wolves. I saw that a couple weeks ago. Priceless.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am surprised by the amount of Christmas decorations. Although the wild dogs are pretty scary. It is great to see Saigon. I spend a month there in the summer of 05. Lonesome and homesick for the country are weak words. Keep posting the pics, they are great to see.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great Christmas scenes. I do miss the raindeer. Someone should steal those wolves some dark night and replace them with raindeer. HCMC sure looks different than last Spring.

Chris' Aunt Jackie

Anonymous said...

The X-mas decorations were all in front of high end hotels in downtown saigon and one park. I noticed a different aspect- there were the church masses but the only decorations I saw were tons of toy sellers on the big streets everywhere pushing carts around with trinkets and toys and big red ballons. Also santa hats were very popular and young people were riding around "di choi" with their santa hats and ballons.
The sleigh scene was fabulous :-)