Sep 28, 2006

Literary Minds of Saigon

Last night an incredible storm rolled over the rooftops to unleash yet another downpour upon the poncho-clad masses. It was the darkest, meanest skyline you ever did see, as I shall now demonstrate.

The last remaining piece of light in the sky is obliterated as these clouds silently drift over the city.


By the stage of this next picture, you would probably put money on rain.


As the lightning flashed in the distance I sat and thought to myself - is it possible that the gods knew what was about to happen that night? Had word gotten out? Had the meeting of Saigon's most prolific blog authors created a rift in the space time continuum resulting in the apocalyptic storm in front of me? The answer, of course, is no.

Myself, Chris of Charvey in Vietnam and Mel of Antidote to Burnout met and found out a little bit more about each other. We disscussed many things, but mainly blogs and women. Vietnamese women, Japanese women and Western women. It was fun.


On the right is Mel, the guy centre picture is Charvey, and the slob in the Tiger Beer T-shirt is me. So, cheers guys! I look forward to remaining a part of our small Saigon blogging community.

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Mind sharing your discussion on women?