Jun 23, 2007

French Buildings and Sunset

Old French buildings are often hard to spot whilst motoring around, but if you stop and consider them for just a few seconds, their charm is irreplaceable.

Picture 240

Picture 241

Picture 242

Unfortunately a lot of these buildings are being razed to make way for newer high rises. They sit on street corners like dinosaurs, desperate for salvation from the bulldozer. I did hear that the city would be doing more to protect them from now on.

The city has also recently made an attempt to control wayward drivers with these banners strung over the road.



So, another sunsets over the city, and the daily grind below continues.

Picture 244


Anonymous said...

I hope there are enough people in VN w/enough sense to preserve these artifacts of a time gone by before it is too late. Sometimes in a developing nation I think people tend to get drunken with everything new and forget to appreciate things with charm and characters that can only be obtained w/the passage of time. You did a great job capturing the essence of dignity of those French era buildings with your camera.

Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful sunset picture !!!